Sorry, this movie collection is private!

Sadly, mtclibrary's movie collection is not publicly visible.

Are you mtclibrary, that is, is this your CLZ Cloud page?
Then here's how to make your movie collection public:

  1. Click the user icon top right, choose Login, then login with your CLZ Account details.
  2. Once logged in, click the menu icon top left and choose CLZ Cloud Sharing.
  3. On the CLZ Cloud Sharing page, on the top left, set your CLZ Cloud Visibility to either Partial or Public:
    • Partial: make it visible, but without any personal fields (like Notes, Ratings, Owner, Purchase info, etc...)
    • Public: make everything visible, including personal fields.

After going through the steps above, your CLZ Cloud will always be accessible from any online computer or mobile device, using the following web address: