7 Hours To Go

7 Hours To Go

Hátralévő idő 7 óra

Krian Media (2016)
Action, akció, Crime, thriller
India | Hindi | Color | 1h 55min
1 disc
Custom Case

Arjun (Shiv Pandit) come to Mumbai to visit his fiancee Maya. He reaches the City court to meet her and is taken aback when he is not able to find her anywhere. He begins to search for Maya and in an unexpected turn witnesses an unlikely murder. Frantic and exasperated, he is left with no choice but take passerby's as hostages before he is framed as the killer. The cops try to tackle the situation and within no time realize that Arjun is no ordinary hostage-taker and it seems next to impossible to apprehend him. Now, with nothing to lose, Arjun lays down his terms: "I have 7 hostages! And I am giving the Police 7 hours to find out the killer...! I need progress every 60 minutes or one hostage dies every hour!!" The clock ticks and the investigation begins.

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Shiv Pandit Arjun Ranawat
Nataša Stanković Maya
Sandeepa Dhar Nandini Shukla
Aakash Dabhade Inspector Ghorpade
Vipin Sharma IK Gujral
Ananya Sengupta
Varun Badola Ramesh Dhadke
Himanshu Malik Tamim Chakri
Kettan Singh Amol Palekar
Zeenal Kamdar Jessica
Ankur Jain Hostage
Saurabh Varma Passenger
Rohit Vir Kabeer Khemka
Gyan Gautam Reporter


Owner DUS
Location HDD 31
Storage device HDD
Condition Kiválló
Quantity 1
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Added Jun 30, 2017
Modified Jul 12, 2018

Edition details

Screen ratios Widescreen (16:9)
Audio tracks AC3 (hindi)
Subtitles Angol
Extras Bollywood
Distributor Krian Media


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