Fassbinder filmográfia


Baal (VS) GerDub, Hunsub

Germany | Angol | Color | 1h 27min
| 1 disc
Region 1
NR (Not Rated)

Volker Schlöndorff transposes Bertolt Brecht’s late-expressionist work to latter-day 1969. Poet and anarchist Baal lives in an attic and reads his poems to cab drivers. At first feted and later rejected by bourgeois society, Baal roams through forests and along motorways, greedy for schnapps, cigarettes, women and men: ‘You have to let out the beast, let him out into the sunlight.’ After impregnating a young actress he soon comes to regard her as a millstone round his neck. He stabs a friend to death and dies alone. ‘You are useless, mangy and wild, you beast, you crawl through the lowest boughs of the tree.’

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Rainer Werner Fassbinder Baal
Sigi Graue Ekart
Margarethe von Trotta Sophie
Günther Neutze Mech
Hanna Schygulla Luise
Marian Seidowsky Johannes
Irmgard Paulis Johanna
Wilmut Borell Mjurk
Christine Schuberth Stripperin Sabitka
Walter Sedlmayr Anwalt Pschierer
Gunther Kaufmann Kutscher Orgauer
Miriam Spoerri Emilie Mech
Johannes Buzalski Penner bei Prozession
Carla Egerer Junges Weib
Michael Gempart Mann mit Kamm
Peer Raben Holzfäller mit rotem Hemd
Jean Launay Mann mit Magengeschwür
Andrea Brüdern Junge Dame
Claudia Butenuth Frau mit Baby
Harry Baer Gast am kalten Buffet
Irm Hermann Hausfrau
Rudolf Waldemar Brem Erster Holzfäller
Sigi Sommer Zweiter Holzfäller
Herbert Rimbach
Ulf-Jürgen Wagner


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Storage device HDD
Quantity 1
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Added Nov 11, 2016
Modified May 08, 2020

Edition details

Audio tracks AC3 (német)
Subtitles magyar
Extras VIP szekció
Distributor Criterion Collection
Edition release date 2018-03-20


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