The bridge season 1 ( Bron/Broen )

The Bridge

The bridge season 1 ( Bron/Broen )

A híd 1. évad (OS) SweDub, HunSub

Filmlance International AB (1992)
TV Series | Crime, Mystery, thriller
Sweden | Hungary | Color | 9h 40min
Blu-Ray 1080p
| 3 discs
Region 2, Region B
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Egy svéd politikusnő holttestére bukkannak az Öresund híd közepén, ami Koppenhágát köti össze Malmövel. Így mindkét ország rendőrei kénytelenek részt venni a nyomozásban, hiszen a holttest félbe van vágva és pontosan az országhatáron hagyták.

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1 Episode 1 60 min | Sep 28, 2011

A woman is found murdered in the middle of the Öresund bridge - just on the border between Sweden and Denmark. Saga Noren from the County Crimea Malmo and Martin Rohde from Copenhagen police are called to the scene. What at first appears to be a murder turns out to be two. The upper body is from a well-known Swedish politician and the lower body from a Danish prostitute.

Director: Charlotte Sieling
Writer: Hans Rosenfeldt
2 Episode 2 60 min | Oct 05, 2011

The killer reveals through the media that the murder on the bridge was only the beginning, and his purpose is to draw attention to unpleasant societal truths. Saga and Martin realise they are dealing with a ruthless killer.

Director: Charlotte Sieling
Writer: Hans Rosenfeldt
3 Episode 3 60 min | Oct 12, 2011

To draw attention to the increased number of people falling through the cracks of society, the killer kidnaps a homeless man and demands a large ransom from four landlords for his survival. So what is the price of a human being after all?

Director: Charlotte Sieling
Writer: Hans Rosenfeldt
4 Episode 4 60 min | Oct 19, 2011

The homeless man's survival depends on the landlords' willingness to pay the ransom. Saga and Martin see that they are dealing with someone who has planned his crimes down to the smallest detail. They wonder if they can catch the murderer off balance by doing something he doesn't expect.

5 Episode 5 60 min | Oct 26, 2011

The murderer has groomed schizophrenics to commit synchronised violent crimes in Malmo and Copenhagen, to highlight funding cutbacks for mental health care. Saga and Martin get a break in the case, a teenage girl who has run away from home. Could she be the witness that ultimately leads them to the murderer?

6 Episode 6 60 min | Nov 02, 2011

The failure of integration turns out to be the fourth problem. Copenhagen is in turmoil after a trial in which a group of policemen who assaulted an immigrant causing his death are freed. Another policemen, a witness to the assult who kept quiet, is kidnapped from his home and the search for him leads to riots.

7 Episode 7 60 min | Nov 09, 2011

The "Truth Terrorist's" fifth and final problem is our indifference to child labor. A school bus with five children disappears and the offender demands that five companies that indirectly exploit child workers suffer arson attacks. For every company attacked, one child will be spared. Meanwhile, Saga suggests that the evidence is pointing to the offender being a member of the police.

8 Episode 8 60 min | Nov 16, 2011

Saga and Martin anticipates and hearing a colleague suspected of being "Bromördaren". He proves to have an alibi for all the opportunities for crime, but is he really innocent? The offender is ready, he has succeeded in its aim to point out five problems in society. But Saga have a feeling there will be more. Maybe it's all about personal revenge?

9 Episode 9 60 min | Nov 23, 2011

Bit by bit in the complex puzzle are in place and the tracks and clues in the investigation leads Saga and Martin to a man who could be the perpetrator. While they come ever closer, it turns out that the case has suddenly become more personal for Martin than he ever could have imagined.

10 Episode 10 60 min | Nov 23, 2011

Despite his injury Saga refuses to give up and do anything to solve the case. Martin, who is personally involved, doing everything possible to find the perpetrator in time. It becomes a cat and mouse game where it looks as if the offender will succeed in his personal revenge.


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Edition details

Screen ratios Widescreen (1.78:1)
Audio tracks DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 [Danish]
Subtitles Danish, English, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish
Extras Online
Layers Single side, Dual layer
Edition release date 2011-00-00


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