Hope And A Little Sugar

Hope And A Little Sugar

Remény és egy kis édesség

India | Hindi | Color | 1h 40min
1 disc

Ali (Amit Sial) is a photographer and bike messenger who lives in New York. He develops a friendship and falls in love with a married woman, Saloni Oberoi (Mahima Chaudhry). When her husband, Harry Oberoi (Vikram Chatwal), is killed during the September 11 attacks, Harry's father, a retired Colonel (Anupam Kher), begins to take his aggressions out on Ali for being a Muslim. Although Mrs. Oberoi (Suhasini Mulay) tries to stop the Colonel's behavior, the situation escalates as the Colonel, himself, becomes the target of social post-9/11 aggression directed towards him because he is a Sikh. (Wikipedia)

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Parth Dave Young Ali
Vishwa Shah Javed
Meghna Malik Ali's Mother
Sanam Kumar Hindu Mob Leader
Sharad Kumar Singh Hindu Mob Gangster
Ram Naik Hindu Mob Gangster
Rajiv Kumar Rathod Hindu Mob Gangster
Amit Sial Ali Siddiqui
Patrick Huber Man on Bench
Paul Barry Will
Mahima Chaudhry Saloni Oberoi
Anita Michaels Teashop Owner
David Benaroya Teashop Stockboy
Alejandro Rivera Irate Motorist
Mohinder Singh Taneja Sikh Community Leader
Balwinder Kaur Gilzian Community Leader's Wife
Ranjit Chowdhry Ghosh
Vikram Chatwal Harry Oberoi
Shilpa Guha Lara
Anupam Kher Colonel Vir Singh Oberoi
Suhasini Mulay Mrs. Mira Oberoi
Leala Hanna Party Guest
Jindy Johl Party Guest
Anisha Nagarajan Party Guest
Jignasa Jay Shastri Party Guest


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