Ek din achanak ( Suddenly, one day )

Ek din achanak ( Suddenly, one day )

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India | Hindi | Color | 1h 45min
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Shasanka (Sreeram Lgoo) is a retired teacher who lives with his wife and two daughters. The family is thrown into an uproar after he goes out for a walk and disappears from their lives. Each member of the family reviews her final hours and days with him to try and discover what, if anything led to his disappearance. The only clue anyone is able to discover is an envelope on which is written the name of one of his former students. When they visit her, however, she is unable (or unwilling) to enlighten them. Why did he go for a walk during a heavy rainstorm? Where did he go? Bengali filmmaker Mrinal Sen isn't saying.

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Shabana Azmi Neeta
Shreeram Lagoo Professor (Neeta's father)
Aparna Sen Professor's student
Uttara Baokar Neeta's mother
Rupa Ganguly Seema (Neeta's sister)
Arjun Chakraborty Neeta's brother
Manohar Singh Neeta's uncle
Anjan Dutt Neeta's boyfriend
Lily Chakravarty Neighbor
Anil Chatterjee Arunbabu

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Director Mrinal Sen
Writers Mrinal Sen, Ramapada Chowdhury
Producers Nfdc India
Photographers K.K. Mahajan
Musicians Jyotishka Dasgupta


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Subtitles Angol