Seminole (DS) EngDub, HunSub

Universal (1953)
Action, akció, western
USA | Angol | Color | 1h 27min
DVD 720p
1 disc

19th-century army officer Lance Caldwell is assigned to Fort King in the Everglades. Immediately clashing with his commanding officer Major Dade, Caldwell opposes Dade's plans to wipe out the Seminole Indians. The fact that Caldwell was the boyhood chum of Seminole chief Osceola is all the more reason to resist Dade's genocidal policies. After a deadly confrontation which costs dozens of lives on both sides, Osceola rescues Caldwell, whereupon the latter is court-martialed. Later on, Osceola comes to Fort King to talk peace, and is promptly killed by persons unknown. An attempt is made to frame Caldwell for the killing, but the truth eventually prevails.

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Rock Hudson Lt. Lance Caldwell
Barbara Hale Revere
Anthony Quinn Osceola
Richard Carlson Major Harlan Degan
Hugh O'Brian Kajeck
Russell Johnson Lt. Hamilton
Lee Marvin Sgt. Magruder
Ralph Moody Kulak
Fay Roope Zachary Taylor
James Best Corp. Gerad
John Daheim Scott
Robert Bray Capt. Sibley
Frank Chase Trooper
Peter Cranwell Sentry
Charles Vernon David Cypert Seminole Indian Warrior
William Monroe Cypert Seminole Indian Warrior
Robert Dane Trader Taft
Howard Erskine Cpl. Smiley
Jack Finley Guard
Don Garrett Officer
Don Gibson Capt.. Streller
Duane Grey Hendricks
Charles Horvath Indian
Jody Hutchinson Guard
Soledad Jiménez Mattie Sue Thomas

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Director Budd Boetticher
Writers Charles K. Peck Jr.
Producers Howard Christie
Photographers Russell Metty


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Audio tracks AC3 (angol)
Subtitles magyar
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