Hans Günther Pflaum et al. – R.W. Fassbinder – Criterion Bonus Disk

Rainer Werner Fassbinder filmográfia

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1. Acht Stunden Sind Kein Tag / Eight Hours Don't Make a Day1972
2. Angst essen Seele auf / Ali: Fear Eats the Soul1974
3. Baal1970
4. Beware of a Holy Whore ( Warnung vor einer heiligen Nutte )1971
5. The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant1972
6. Bremen Freedom1972
7. The City Tramp1966
8. Germany in Autumn ( Deutschland im Herbst )1978
9. Despair1978
10. Die Sehnsucht der Veronika Voss1982
11. The Third Generation ( Die Dritte Generation )1979
12. Fear of Fear ( Angst vor der Angst )1975
13. Gods of the Plague1970
14. Water Drops on Burning Rocks2000
15. I Only Want You to Love Me1976
16. In a Year with 13 Moons ( In einem Jahr mit 13 Monden )1978
17. Das Kleine Chaos1966
18. Mother Kusters Goes To Heaven1975
19. Die Ehe Der Maria Braun ( The Marriage of Maria Braun )1979
20. Martha1974
21. Der Händler der vier Jahreszeiten1971
22. Nora Helmer ( A doll's house )1974
23. Pioneers In Ingolstadt1971
24. Rio Das Mortes1971
25. Satansbraten ( Satan's Brew )1976
26. Theater In Trance1981
27. Women In New York1977
28. World On A Wire ( Welt am Draht )1973
29. Der plötzliche Reichtum der armen Leute von Kombach1971
30. Die Niklashauser Fart1970
31. Faustrecht der Freiheit1975
32. Katzelmacher1969
33. Effi Briest1974
34. Effi Briest2008
35. Hans Günther Pflaum et al. – R.W. Fassbinder – Criterion Bonus Disk1993
36. Chinesisches Roulette1976
37. Lili Marleen1981
38. Lola1981
39. Querelle1982
40. The Cinema And Its Double - Rainer Werner Fassbinder's 'despair' Revisited2011
41. Whity1971
42. Gouttes d'eau sur pierres brulantes1999

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Fassbinder filmográfia

Hans Günther Pflaum et al. – R.W. Fassbinder – Criterion Bonus Disk

Hans Günther Pflaum et al. – R.W. Fassbinder – Criterion Bonus Disk (1993) (VS) GerDub, EngSub

Documentary, dokumentum
Németország | Német | Color
1 disc

An interview with Fassbinder’s cinematographer Xaver Schwarzenberger.
A second interview segment with Xaver Schwarzenberger, cinematographer for Fassbinder’s last five projects (including the last two films of the trilogy) gives some interesting insights into Fassbinder’s shooting process, backed up by behind-the-scenes footage. Fassbinder controlled the framing absolutely, but left the lighting and color filters to his cameraman, which left Schwarzenberger a good deal of room for creativity.

An interview with editor Juliane Lorenz conducted by Fassbinder scholar Laurence Kardish.
Another interview with Juliane Lorenz (32m:39s) centers expressly on Fassbinder’s editing style, frequently working without rushes but immediately editing scenes as they were filmed. She also touches on the casting of the trilogy and reveals that at one point Schygulla was intended to play all three of the women; however, when she revealed this in an interview Fassbinder flew into a rage and that was the end of that idea.

Also included: trailers for all three films in the BRD trilogy (Lola, The Marriage Of Maria Braun and Veronika Voss); caps of the DVD menu, e.g.,


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Audio tracks AC3 (német)
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