The New Pope

The New Pope

The New Pope

Az új pápa (DS) HunDub+EngDub, HunSub+EngSub

Wildside (2019)
TV Series | Drama
Italy | Hungary | Color | 1h
1 disc

A Paolo Sorrentino, Umberto Contarello és Stefani Bies forgatókönyve alapján készült sorozat bemutatja a Vatikánnak azt az oldalát, amely a látogatók előtt legtöbbször feltáratlan marad. Vágyódás, bűn, erőtlenség és a hittel kapcsolatos legaktuálisabb kérdések is megjelennek a 9 epizódban. Valamennyi részt Sorrentino rendezte, akinek ez már a második rendezése, mely az egyházi hierarchia megértését próbálja életközelibbé tenni.

This follow-up to 2017's "The Young Pope" dives into the inner workings of the Vatican, while exploring the very human desires, vices and fragilities of those in power and the complexities inherent in faith today.

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Cecile De France Sofia Dubois
Jude Law Lenny Belardo
John Malkovich Sir John Brannox
Ludivine Sagnier Esther Aubry
Javier Cámara Cardinal Bernardo Gutiérrez
Silvio Orlando Cardinal Angelo Voiello
Henry Goodman Danny
Nora von Waldstätten Sister Lisette
Ramón García Cardinal Aguirre
Maurizio Lombardi Cardinal Mario Assente
Massimo Ghini Cardinal Spalletta
Antonio Petrocelli Monsignor Luigi Cavallo
Kiruna Stamell The Abbess
Tomas Arana Tomas Altbruck
Kika Georgiou Donna Divisa Rossa
Mark Ivanir Bauer
Claudio Bigagli Duilio Guicciardini
Nadie Kammallaweera Sister Suree
Edoardo Bussi
Ulrich Thomsen Doctor Helmer Lindegard
Eco Andriolo Ranzi Sister Caterina
Zaki Bibawi Ayyad Faisal
Alessandro Riceci Fabiano
Ignazio Oliva Father Valente
Daria Baykalova Amber

Episodes View details

1 Episode 1 60 min | Jan 10, 2020

Following his sudden heart attack, Pope Pius XIII lies in a coma while his followers fervently pray for a miraculous recovery. As the threat of terrorism and the potential risks of Pius's idolatry loom, Secretary of State Cardinal Voiello is pressured to bring a new pope to power and, with the conclave at a deadlock, makes a hasty move that throws the Church into even greater chaos.

Director: Paolo Sorrentino
Writer: Paolo Sorrentino
2 Episode 2 60 min | Jan 10, 2020

As rumors swirl about the Church's role in a sudden death, Voiello, Gutierrez, Assente, Aguirre and Sofia travel to the UK to the grand estate of Sir John Brannox, hoping to convince him to return with them to the Vatican and accept the holiest of roles. An alluring but sensitive man who carries with him an unshakeable family tragedy, Brannox is harder to sway than expected, but a determined Voiello presses ahead. Meanwhile, Ester shares her son's story with the press to makes ends meet.

Director: Paolo Sorrentino
Writer: Paolo Sorrentino
3 Episode 3 60 min | Jan 17, 2020

Still considering the offer of Supreme Pontiff, Brannox reflects on his past, while Voiello makes clear his commitment to his mission's success. After being elected pope and taking the name "John Paul III," Brannox preaches the importance of family, truth and love in his first public homily and to the cardinals. Ester bonds with Fabiano, a widower and new member of the parish, who offers an unusual solution to her money woes. The Abbess of St. Therese and an anguished Sister Lisette are disheartened when their financial pleas fall on deaf ears.

Director: Paolo Sorrentino
Writer: Paolo Sorrentino
4 Episode 4 60 min | Jan 17, 2020

Following an audience with Marilyn Manson, Brannox decides to pay a visit to Pius XIII and is confronted with the intensity of his predecessor's followers. Later, Brannox appoints Cardinal Spalletta, with whom he shares a past, to a new role. Voiello prepares for a long war with the defiant Sister Lisette after the nuns go on strike. The Church faces the prospect of bankruptcy as the Italian government looks to make changes. Gutierrez has a clandestine meeting, which he later confesses to the pontiff. An angry Fabiano questions Ester's commitment to her faith.

Director: Paolo Sorrentino
Writer: Paolo Sorrentino
5 Episode 5 60 min | Jan 24, 2020

A brutal act of terrorism in France leads to an unconventional response from the pope that strikes a chord with the public. Feeling disconnected from her husband, Sofia reaches out to Brannox, who shares more of his personal history. Pius XIII's followers flock to Venice when there's a sudden change in his condition.

Director: Paolo Sorrentino
Writer: Paolo Sorrentino
6 Episode 6 60 min | Jan 24, 2020

A confrontation with Spalletta leads Brannox to deliver some unwelcome news to Voiello. Sofia learns what her husband has been keeping from her. Voiello ties up loose ends. Ester expands her business and takes drastic action when she is met with opposition. Brannox agrees to a live televised interview that asks him to delve into his past.

Director: Paolo Sorrentino
Writer: Paolo Sorrentino
7 Episode 7 60 min | Jan 31, 2020

In Venice, a papal doctor and his wife struggle to care for their sick son and witness a miracle. Pius XIII's devotees grow resigned and change course. An attack on Vatican soil shakes Brannox to his core and prompts him to admit a hard truth to Gutierrez. Sofia comes to Voiello for advice on how to handle the pope.

Director: Paolo Sorrentino
Writer: Paolo Sorrentino
8 Episode 8 60 min | Jan 31, 2020

Sofia sets out to bring an ashamed Brannox back to the Vatican from the Dolomites, where the two share an intimate moment. Warned by Bauer of the Church's demise unless immediate action is taken, Voiello is called upon to make things right and, later, mourns a tragic loss. The nuns appeal to an unaccommodating Assente.

Director: Paolo Sorrentino
Writer: Paolo Sorrentino
9 Episode 9 60 min | Feb 07, 2020

Pius XIII and John Paul III are finally forced to confront each other as terrorists take a priest and six students hostage in Ventotene.

Director: Paolo Sorrentino
Writer: Paolo Sorrentino


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LÁTVÁNYTERVEZŐ: Ludovica Ferrario, Eugenia F. Di Napoli
JELMEZ, KOSZTÜMTERVEZŐ: Simone La Mantia, Laura Casalini, Tanya Bowd
DÍSZLETTERVEZŐ: Devynne Lauchner


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