State Of The Union

State of Union

State Of The Union

Egy házasság helyzete (OS) HunDub

See-Saw Films (2019)
TV Series | Comedy
UK | Hungary | Color
1 disc

A 10-10 perces szösszenetekből álló széria filmváltozata Louise és Tom életét, kapcsolatát követi figyelemmel, ahogy hetenként egy kocsmában találkoznak, közvetlenül az aktuális családi terápiás ülés előtt. A néző előtt lassan összeáll a kép a párról, mi hozta össze és mi kezdi elválasztani őket egymástól. A két főszereplőt Rosamund Pike és Chris O'Dowd alakítja, a fordulatokról pedig Nick Hornby író (Egy fiúról, Szívem csücskei), forgatókönyvíró (Egy lányról, Brooklyn), producer gondoskodik.

State of the Union follows Louise and Tom who meet in a pub immediately before their weekly marital therapy session. Each episode pieces together how their lives were, what drew them together, and what has started to pull them apart.

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1 Marathon 11 min | May 06, 2019

Louise and Tom prepare for their first marital counselling session and try to work out how they got to this point.

2 Antique Globes 10 min | May 06, 2019

Tom commends himself for the courage it took to turn up late to last week's session and promises to be there from the beginning this week.

3 Syria 9 min | May 06, 2019

Tom and Louise discuss the lost passion in their relationship - is passion something that can be found again?

4 Plaster Cast 9 min | May 06, 2019

Tom asks Louise to back him up in a lie with their counsellor - is it them against the world or not?

5 Normal Slope 11 min | May 09, 2019

Following a bad session, Tom has moved out. Louise suggests that this could be the start of a slippery slope.

6 Nigel and Naomi 9 min | May 06, 2019

How would be characterized a supposed new partner of each? - Louise and Tom talk about it in the pub.

7 Call the Midwife 11 min | May 06, 2019

Louise admits that she's ashamed of Tom's lack of employment. They decide to communicate more openly.

8 Dolphins 11 min | May 06, 2019

There are some changes compared with previous occasions: their table is occupied, Louise has changed her dress style and both are a little more sincerer and closer to the other one.

9 Prison Sex 9 min | May 06, 2019

Louise and Tom discuss a breakthrough in their relationship - Louise wonders if it was, in fact, a breakthrough. Eventually she asks him to move back in.

10 Another Drink 10 min | May 06, 2019

Tom has moved back in and feels that their issues are resolved. They agree that they wouldn't be friends if they weren't married and look for the right word to describe their relationship.


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