Kalifat ( Caliphe )

Kalifat ( Caliphe )

A kalifátus (OS) SweDub, HunSub

TV Series | Drama, thriller
Sweden | Swedish | Color
HDTV 1080p
1 disc

Több nő is belekeveredik az ISIS közelgő, Svédország elleni támadásába: egy szorult helyzetű anya, egy bátor diák és egy elszánt rendőr.

agent Fatima gets a tip that a terrorist act is planned in Sweden. At the same time, the teenager Sulle has opened her eyes to her student assistant who opens the doors to a new fascinating world.

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1 Episode #1.1 47 min | Mar 18, 2020

September 2015. Security Service agent Fatima's career is in trouble after a serious mistake. But one day she gets a very upsetting phone call. Pervin, a young, Swedish woman, is stuck in Raqqa, where her husband, Husam, has joined IS. She is living in constant terror of the irrational violence around her, and fears for both her own life and her daughter's. She has to get out now. Fatima has some hesitation, but changes her mind when Pervin tells her that her husband and his group of Swedish jihadists are planning a large-scale terrorist attack in Sweden. Fifteen-year-old Sulle is bored in school, where no one takes anything seriously. But a cool teacher's assistant, Ibbe, has caught her eye. He treats her like an adult.

2 Episode #1.2 47 min | Jan 19, 2020

Fatima is going to help bring Pervin home from Syria, but she has a counter-demand. She asks Pervin to spy on her husband. One of the Swedish jihadists have already returned to Sweden to prepare for an attack. Can Pervin get more information about the attack and find out who the person is? Meanwhile, Sulle and her little sister Lisha squabble over which of the guys in One Direction is best looking. But Sulle is really more interested in the teacher's assistant, Ibbe, who has opened a door to a new, fascinating world. The true path. Sulle and her best friend Kerima start to rethink their lives, and Ibbe shows them the way.

3 Episode #1.3 47 min | Jan 26, 2020

Fatima tries to convince her chief at the Security Service's Middle Eastern Division of the seriousness of the information she has received from Pervin, but is met with complete indifference. What's going on? At the same time, she demands that Pervin find out more. Pervin, in turn, becomes bolder, but when she is caught by Husam's colleague Ahmed with the cell phone in her hand, she is forced to make a fateful decision. When Sulle comes to breakfast wearing a hijab, her father is furious. He refuses to see his daughter wearing this religious symbol. His reaction makes Sulle even more convinced of the path she has chosen.

4 Episode #1.4 47 min | Feb 02, 2020

Fatima continues investigating despite being told to stop. Coming under fire strengthens her belief in Pervi's message. Ahmed, the colleague of Husam, is reported missing and Husam believes he has killed Ahmed.

5 Episode #1.5 47 min | Feb 09, 2020

Dolores calls Fatima with very upsetting information. Fatima is afraid that her phone is tapped and tells Dolores they should meet at her place. Husam finds Pervin's cell phone hidden in the wall and confronts her with his discovery. Sulle's parents take tough measures, and she is going to be married off in just one month. Sulle is devastated and starts to give in. Will she take off the hijab? Her little sister Lisha thinks she is being weak.

6 Episode #1.6 47 min | Feb 16, 2020

Fatima runs surveillance on Nadir to see if he can lead her to information that will confirm her suspicions. Fatima has arranged Pervin's escape from Syria. When Pervin is on her way to the meeting place, the police take her. Ibbe has given Sulle and Kerima plane tickets to Syria. They are overjoyed, now they can finally go. But it turns out that everything isn't as easy as they thought.

7 Episode #1.7 47 min | Feb 23, 2020

Fatima is still on the run, and she knows that Nadir is on her trail. Calle and Suleiman managed to stop Sulle and Kerima at the border, but Lisha was left behind in the van and is on her way to Raqqa all alone. Calle calls Fatima in panic and demands that she and her contacts help get Lisha out. Pervin is devastated by the fight with Husam. But she doesn't hesitate when she gets another chance to flee Raqqa.

8 Episode #1.8 54 min | Mar 01, 2020

Nadir reveals an unexpected truth. Kerima prepares to deal the final blow. Fatima fulfills her end of the bargain with Pervin - at a price.


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