Women In New York

Fassbinder filmográfia

Women In New York

New York-i asszonyok (VS) GerDub, EngSub

NDR (1977)
Németország | German | Color | 1h 51min
1 disc

The main characters in this film are wives of rich men who have nothing to do because they have staff – like the cook, the maid, the hairdresser, the manicurist, the governess, the teacher, the tailor etc. – who work for them. Naturally, the wives themselves do not pursue careers, they depend on their husbands’ money. This is why most of their thoughts revolve around the husband. And because the husband only appears as “the” man, there is no man in this film. All women fight for the same man. Those who have one, want to keep him no matter what. And those who do not have one yet only have one goal: To take away somebody else’s husband.


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Audio tracks AC3 (német)
Subtitles Angol
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