Stalker (Criterion Collection)

Image (1979)
Drama, Foreign, Mystery
Germany | Russian | Color | 2h 43min
Blu-ray Disc
| 1 disc
Region A

Near a gray and unnamed city is the Zone, a place guarded by barbed wire and soldiers, and where the normal laws of physics are victim to frequent anomalies. A Stalker guides two men into the Zone, specifically to an area in which deep seeded desires are granted.

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Alisa Freyndlikh Zhena Stalkera
Aleksandr Kaydanovskiy Stalker
Anatoliy Solonitsyn Pisatel
Nikolay Grinko Professor
Natalya Abramova Marta, doch Stalkera
Faime Jurno Sobesednitsa Pisatelya
E. Kostin Lyuger, khozyain kafe
Raymo Rendi Patrulnyy politseyskiy

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Director Andrei Tarkovsky
Writer Andrei Tarkovsky, Arkadiy Strugatskiy, Boris Strugatskiy
Producer Aleksandra Demidova
Photography Georgi Rerberg, Leonid Kalashnikov, Aleksandr Knyazhinskiy
Musician Eduard Artemev


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