Akira Kurosawa's Dreams (Criterion Collection)

Warner Bros. (1990)

Animation, Drama, Fantasy, Foreign, Science Fiction
Japan / Japanese / 120 mins
- - 1 disc
The Criterion Collection
IMDb 7.8
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Index #1932
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Akira Terao I
Mitsuko Baisho Mother of 'I'
Toshie Negishi Mother carrying child
Mieko Harada The Snow Fairy
Mitsunori Isaki 'I' as a boy
Toshihiko Nakano 'I' as a young child
Yoshitaka Zushi Pvt. Noguchi
Hisashi Igawa Nuclear Plant Worker
Chosuke Ikariya The crying demon
Chishu Ryu Old Man
Martin Scorsese Vincent Van Gogh
Masayuki Yui Member of climbing team

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Akira Kurosawa
Ishiro Honda
Writer Akira Kurosawa
Producer Hisao Kurosawa, Seikichi Iizumi, Mike Y. Inoue, Mike Y. Inoue, Mikey Y. Inoue, Allan H. Liebert
Photography Takao Saitô, Shôji Ueda
Musician Shinichirô Ikebe



This is essentially eight separate short films, with some overlaps in characters and thematic material - that of man's relationship with his environment. 'Sunshine Through The Rain' - 'The Peach Orchard' - 'The Blizzard' - 'Crows' - 'Mount Fuji in Red' - The Weeping Demon' - 'Village of the Watermills'

The Criterion Collection

Criterion (2016)

Audio Tracks DTS 5.1 [Japanese]
SUB [English]
Screen Ratio Widescreen (1.85:1)