Digital Magic Entertainment (2018)
Action, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
USA | English | Color | 01:43
Blu-ray Xvid
| 1 disc
Region 1

When a short-tempered mobster and his gang of thugs try to shake down a neighborhood bar, they're soon confronted with the wrath of its owner - a mysterious southern mother with a dangerous past.

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Elyse Price Jo Lee-Haywood
Katie Vincent Scarlet Lee-Haywood
Usher Morgan Waving Shadow Man
Reese Grande Lily Lee-Haywood
Michelle Holland Doris Pickens
Julie Reifers Sexy Mary
Lynne Jordan May Pickens
Lily Brooks O'Briant Trailer Girl
Taso Mikroulis Marvin Lee-Haywood
Joel Bernard Boone Pickens
Catie Carlton Young Jo
Samantha Zaino Emma Lee-Haywood
Yaron Urbas Sam 'Hollywood' Barone
Tania Kop Young May
Raul Fernandes Gangster #1
Julia Melim Waitress
John Zion Jake 'The Baker' Lando
Michael Gentile Momo
Megan Corry Linda
Nathan Shapiro Mike
John Toon Sam's Entourage
Mike Mazzilli The Mop
Edwin Lee Guzman Kobe
Fernando Ramos Gangster #2
Gary Comorau Jesse Pickens


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My quick rating - 5,8/10. A pretty decent "do anything for your family" type flick. A local bar owner defends her family against the local mafia types in a small town in Michigan. Of course, they thugs didn't know they were attacking a chick who used to be a notorious killer leading the "Three Dames" Sisters who used to rule their town back in the day after killing their own drunk and abusive father.


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