Let's Not Meet

Let's Not Meet

USA | English | Color | 01:54
WEBRip Xvid
| 1 disc
Region 1

A pizza delivery girl making her last stop of the night is lured into a trap. While attempting to escape, she encounters a group of campers who are enduring a terrifying nightmare of their own.

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Breanna Engle Aya Becker
Kate Kenney Brittany Peters
Hiram Ortiz The Hunter
Carmine Giordano Nate
Ken Llamas Peter
Georgette Vaillancourt Jessica
Millie Ortiz Amber Jane
Briana Aceti Victorie
Tiffany Browne-Tavarez Mina Petrillo
Derya Celikkol Bailey
Kathleen Dobbs Ashley Becker
Denise Engle Pizza Shop Mary
Ariella Mossey Alice
Adella Rae Miriam Rickman
Macy Rubin Young Aya
Alan Strawser Paul


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My quick rating - 4,1/10. I'll give them credit for making a nearly 2 hour movie. But two hours of really bad acting, no kills and the most uninspired monster, killer, whatever that was supposed to be ever used on film and you end up with trash. Now, the movie did have some good points, in the sheer effort that was put into trying. I have to give credit for that. Instead of just going total schlock and not caring, the makers did make an attempt. Unfortunately the movie as a whole just didn't have much. Stoy was non-existent and only alluded to what was happening. The chicks in the movie acted and reacted in no way any woman would (or girl, think they were fresh out of high school). There was some bizarre "cues" where it seemed like the actors didn't no the camera was rolling and led to noticeable silence. The more I type, the lower I believe the score should be lol. So I'll stop before this ends up being a 3....


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