It's Alive!

It's Alive!

Warner Bros. (1974)
USA | English | Color | 01:31
Blu-ray Xvid
| 1 disc
Region 1

Heavily pregnant Lenore Davis tells her husband, Frank, that she is in labor. They leave their eleven year-old son Chris with their friend Charley and they head to the Community Hospital. Lenore feels that something is wrong and delivers a monster that kills the team in the delivery room and escapes through a skylight. Lieutenant Perkins comes to the hospital to investigate the murder and the press divulges the identity of the parents. Frank discovers a dark secret about Lenore and the baby.

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John P. Ryan Frank
Sharon Farrell Lenore
Andrew Duggan The Professor
Guy Stockwell Bob Clayton
James Dixon Lt. Perkins
Michael Ansara The Captain
Robert Emhardt The Executive
William Wellman Jr. Charley
Shamus Locke The Doctor
Nancy Burnett Nurse
Patrick McAllister Expectant Father
Daniel Holzman Chris
Diana Hale Secretary
Gerald York Expectant Father
Jerry Taft Expectant Father
Gwil Richards Expectant Father
W. Allen York Expectant Father

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Director Larry Cohen
Writers Larry Cohen
Producers Larry Cohen, Peter Sabiston, Janelle Webb
Photographers Fenton Hamilton
Musicians Bernard Herrmann


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My quick ratin 5,6/10. I would say that now a movie such as this would get either a ton of backlash, or would just get swept aside completely. No in between when you tell a story of a baby that comes out of the womb and immediately kills people. Guess that was a spoiler. Anyway, it was the early 70s and it sure looks like it. There really isn't any underlying excitment to this one. A very original idea for the time, and still quite disturbing for moms to this day I would assume. Definitely a bit creepy, but as far as horror goes this movie stays a bit on the tame side.


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