MGM/UA (1976)
Drama | Fantasy | Horror | Thriller
USA | English | Color | 01:38
Blu-ray Xvid
| 1 disc
Region 1

Carrie White, a shy and troubled teenage girl who is tormented by her high school peers and her fanatically religious mother, begins to use her powers of telekinesis to exact revenge upon them.

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Sissy Spacek Carrie
Piper Laurie Margaret White
Amy Irving Sue Snell
William Katt Tommy Ross
John Travolta Billy Nolan
Nancy Allen Chris Hargenson
Betty Buckley Miss Collins
P.J. Soles Norma
Priscilla Pointer Mrs. Snell
Sydney Lassick Mr. Fromm
Stefan Gierasch Mr. Morton
Michael Talbott Freddy
Doug Cox The Beak
Harry Gold George
Noelle Matlovsky Frieda
Cindy Daly Cora
Deirdre Berthrong Rhonda
Anson Downes Ernest
Rory Stevens Kenny
Edie McClurg Helen
Cameron De Palma Boy on Bicycle
Sharon Benson Ruth Gogan
Terry Bolo Trudy Bourne
Dennis Falt High school student-prom attendee
Jean Glaudé Afro Guy


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My quick rating - 8,1/10. I doubt I need to focus on the story since not only has this been redone, but has been played countless times everywhere. Sum up, troubled teen gets made fun of and is pushed to the brink of revenge after a terrible act of bloody riducle (pigs blood that is). This story works for a couple simple reasons: Sissy Spacek is phenomenal in her portrayal of Carrie White, the telekinetic teen that lives a sheltered life by her fanatic religious (yes, of course, there is that religion thing again) mother. The bit players that go along with this act their parts extremely well including a young William Katt (Greatest American Hero, House) and John Travolta. Each youth in this movie plays a role in the prank to be played on Carrie, and ends up paying for it. It might be a slow burn to unleash her fury, but that does make it all the more shocking when she does. The flick doesn't need to rely on gore and jump scares to grab your attention but uses good storytelling to make you root for Carrie and get behind her. Scenes are directed to perfection by De Palma, exceptionally done from start to finish and a must see for any movie buff along with fans of horror. Top it off with one of the more famous scenes ever in film and you are left with a movie that will stick with you long after the credits roll.


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