Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich

Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich

USA | English | Color | 01:24
Blu-ray Xvid
| 1 disc
Region 1

A recently divorced young man discovers a mint condition Blade doll in his deceased brother's closet and plans to sell the toy at a convention in Oregon celebrating the 30th anniversary of the infamous Toulon Murders. All hell breaks loose during the auction when a strange force animates all of the puppets throughout the convention, setting them on a bloody killing spree.


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My quick rating - 5,5/10. The latest in the not-so-popular Puppet Master series is in the same silly vein as the others. If you haven't seen them before, the plot is quite simpe. Killer dolls. The thing that sets these movies apart is the makers don't even attempt to use special effects to make the dolls appear lifelike. Meaning unlike Chucky, no cgi or effects are used for the killer dolls. They are just moved around to look cheesy as all hell for the viewers amusement. That is what makes it so damn funny. When it comes time for blood, they like to unload it in buckets. This includes one pretty memorable scene in this one, which I won't spoil, but the moms out there won't soon forget it after seeing it. Well, this time around, the dolls are brought back to life to follow some Nazi, but the whole point of including that is just a vehicle to have dolls roam around killing all the convention go-ers of the anniversary of the first Puppet Master killings. Did the first one really come out in 1989? Wow, I am getting old.


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