Annapurna Pictures (2017)
Comedy, Drama, Science Fiction
USA | English | Color | 2h 20min
Blu-ray Xvid
| 1 disc
Region 1

A kindly occupational therapist undergoes a new procedure to be shrunken to four inches tall so that he and his wife can help save the planet and afford a nice lifestyle at the same time.

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Matt Damon Paul Safranek
Christoph Waltz Dusan Mirkovic
Hong Chau Ngoc Lan Tran
Kristen Wiig Audrey Safranek
Rolf Lassgard Dr. Jorgen Asbjørnsen
Ingjerd Egeberg Anne-Helene Asbjørnsen
Udo Kier Konrad
Søren Pilmark Dr. Andreas Jacobsen
Jason Sudeikis Dave Johnson
Maribeth Monroe Carol Johnson
Jayne Houdyshell Paul's Mother
Phil Reeves Audrey's Dad Larry
James Van Der Beek Anesthesiologist
Alison J. Palmer Anesthesiologist's Wife
Tim Driscoll Good Friend Tim
Kristen Thomson Good Friend Gina
Kevin Kunkel Buddy Kevin
Patrick Gallagher Drunk Guy at Bar
Linda M. Anderson Realtor
John Reynolds Estate Sale Buyer
Carmen Orellana Meat Cutter Carmen
David Noonen Meat Cutter Dave
Bob Bezousek Omaha Steaks Bob
Ana Marie Cox TV Pundit
Roland Martin TV Pundit


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