Dead Night

Dead Night

IFC (2017)
USA | English | Color
WEBRip Xvid
| 1 disc
Region 1

Concerns a family’s murderous encounter in the woods and is related in a dual storyline that explores two very different perspectives.

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Brea Grant Casey Pollack
AJ Bowen James Pollack
Barbara Crampton Leslie Bison
Sophie Dalah Jessica Pollack
Elise Luthman Becky Lane
Joshua Hoffman Jason Pollack
Daniel Roebuck Jack Sterling
Joy Osmanski Mika Shand
Kay D'Arcy Lily Lane
Sky Soleil Detective Walker
Alexander Ward Crone
Dianna Miranda Dr. Cynthia Ramsey
Alison Haislip Jenni Whitmore
Ryan Schwartzman Karl Durant
Shauna Case Amanda Tate
Joshua Hinson Emmanuel (Manny) Rothwell
Keana Marie Kate Rothwell
Gina Comparetto 1960's Girl
Chase Williamson 1960's Guy
Jagger Chase Crone
Gwen Van Dam Crone
Shirley McConnell Crone
Sharon Lubin Crone
Mikie Beatty Ranger Paul
Shawn Hoffman Officer Jacobs


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My quick rating - 4,9/10. Have you ever wondered how the news is going to report some supernatural, witch like massacre that occurs at a cabin in the woods (as always)? Well, this movie tries to give you just that, the way the media would report it, and how it actually happened. Pretty clever idea as this movie runs with the supernatural reality happening, while on the tv is a "true crimes" type show showing the case at the same time. The only real problem is with a nice idea like this, you really should craft a good story to do this with. The story itself just wasn't captivating enough to make the novel approach to telling it worth it. They did do a good job with the gore to keep you entertained though. Defintely sits on the "so close" bar of what could've been a really good flick. If you want to see a decent family gets slaughtered for no apparent reason movie, and don't mind the plot really not being explained in the slightest (the real plot, not the tv show plot) than you'll be fine with this one. Kept my attention after it got rolling, I just kept hoping for a bit more.


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