The Domestics

The Domestics

Hollywood Gang Productions (2018)
USA | English | Color
WEBRip Xvid
| 1 disc
Region 1

A young husband and wife must fight to return home in a post-apocalyptic mid-western landscape ravaged by gangs.

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Kate Bosworth Nina West
Tyler Hoechlin Mark West
Sonoya Mizuno Betsy
Lance Reddick Nathan Wood
Kaden Washington Lewis Steven Wood
Jacinte Blankenship Theresa Wood
Mikaela Kimani Armstrong Bella Wood
David Dastmalchian Willy Cunningham
Jeff Chase Bill The Big
Thomas Francis Murphy Plowboy Jim
Tim Bell Plowboy Driver
Eddie Matthews Plowboy Machine Gunner
Dana Gourrier Wanda the Gambler
Brad Leland Pit Boss Gambler
Dave Davis Flame Gambler
Preston Schrag Buffalo Head Gambler
Travis Gomez Dog Head Gambler
Deven MacNair Gambler Woman #2
Mike Mayhall Muskrat Gambler
Oscar Gale Random Gambler
Martin Covert Wrenhaus Desk Clerk
Jaren Mitchell Wrenhaus Letterman #1
Lee Perkins Dean the Nailer
Dane Rhodes Nailface
Mark Yawn Nailer #1


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My quick rating - 5,5/10. This was actually a fairly good thriller. A simple setup of a post-apocalyptic love story. After basically the country is wiped out in a chemical warfare attack, the gangs take over. A married couple sets off to make it back to see the wifes parents a couple hundred miles away the war torn landscape. The acting is actually pretty decent in this one. As you can expect, they are forced to encounter the bad guys on occasions. A few plot points got glossed over, but in the end it was an enjoyable ride, keeping you cheering for the good guys. One character especially for me, I won't say more since it would be spoiler territory. Give it a watch if you run across it. One of those unheard of flicks that did not disappoint in the slightest.


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