Action | Drama | Horror | Thriller
USA | English | Color | 01:30
WEBRip Xvid
| 1 disc
Region 1

A wild animal attacks six medical students on a weekend hike in the woods. One by one, they become infected with a "feral disease", turning them into rabid, bloodthirsty creatures, and the vacation becomes a nightmare as they fight to survive each other.

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Scout Taylor-Compton Alice
Olivia Luccardi Jules
Lew Temple Talbot
Renee Olstead Brienne
Brock Kelly Jesse
Landry Allbright Gina
George Finn Matt
Samantha Gangal Young Alice
Mark Musashi Creature Performer
Levi Ashlyn Creature Performer

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Director Mark Young
Writers Mark Young, Adam Frazier
Producers John Landolfi, Mark Young
Photographers Christos Bitsakos
Musicians Elia Cmiral


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My quick rating - 5,1/10. Actually not bad at all. Average flick with the "hunted in the woods" theme. Basically this is being bite by someone (sorta like zombies) and getting a disease (sorta like rabies on steroids). The action isn't bad and the unknown actors actually are not bad. Not that this is the type of acting that needs much range. The "infected" make up job is quite effective for the budget they were working with. Worth a watch if it pops up on cable or your favorite streaming service.


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