The Legend Of Tarzan

The Legend Of Tarzan

Dark Horse Entertainment (2016)
Action | Adventure
USA | English | Color | 01:49
| 1 disc
Region 1

Tarzan, having acclimated to life in London, is called back to his former home in the jungle to investigate the activities at a mining encampment.

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Alexander Skarsgård John Clayton
Rory J. Saper Young Tarzan (18 Years)
Christian Stevens Young Tarzan (5 Years)
Christoph Waltz Leon Rom
Samuel L. Jackson George Washington Williams
Margot Robbie Jane Clayton
Sidney Ralitsoele Wasimbu
Osy Ikhile Kwete
Mens-Sana Tamakloe Kolo
Antony Acheampong Kanam
Edward Apeagyei Kimanga
Ashley Byam Kasai
Casper Crump Major Kerckhover
Adam Ganne German Force Publique
Aleksandar Mikic Muscular Force Publique
Gary Cargill Unruly Force Publique
Shaun Smith Medieval Faced Mercenary
Ian Mercer Freckled Force Publique
Laurence Spellman South African Force Publique
Alex Ferns Force Publique Officer
Roger Evans Force Publique Officer
Clive Brunt Senior Officer
Djimon Hounsou Chief Mbonga
Charles Babalola Kulonga
Yule Masiteng Muviro


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My quick rating - 6,6/10. Good looking adaptation of the Tarzan story. Of course, much of the story is unbelievable which leads to the fun of it. Your usual movie savior being Samuel Jackson does his normal show stealing and to be honest, the cast from top to bottom was all solid in this adventure flick. Even the cgi gorillas did well ;) I do think they haphazardly used the take the boy out of the jungle, and bring him back to stop the destruction of his forest part of it a bit to quickly. It seemed underdeveloped but that is just woven throughout the story. Overall a solid adventure flick.


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