Undaunted Films (2014)
USA | English | Color | 1h 26min
| 1 disc
Region 1

Life takes a terrifying and unpredictable turn for Tyler & Chelsea when they begin to receive menacing phone calls from a seemingly unstable woman who insists that Tyler's her ex-boyfriend.

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Rachel Alig Chelsea Watkins
Zack Gold Tyler Jantzen
Burt Culver Det. Nick Tanner
Mark Benjamin Scott Landry
Pia Thrasher Marina Hoffman
Raquel Elizabeth Ames Det. Darla Starr
Justin Little Eric Chambers
Tim Clifton Mort Castleberry
Andrea Bensussen Ellen Pendleton
Jamie Graham Heather Wilcox
Michael Lewis Hudson Bobby Wilcox
Tami Curtice Betty
Brandon Mata Justin Cortes
Anna Kochukova Tammy Edwards
Chuck Ault Restaurant Manager
Dean Whitney Man Walking Dog
Cristyn Chandler Ellen
Judy Whitney Phone Company Rep
Penny Romensas Waitress
Alexa Cohen Flirty Girl #1
Katie Armstrong Flirty Girl #2
Shane Jost Embarrassed Boy
Laura Bohlin Restaurant patron
Susan Giforos Waitress
LuAnn Nicosia Bar Patron


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Audio tracks Dolby Digital 5.1 [English]


My quick rating 4,6/10. Surprisingly not a bad idea for a film. Was very similar to the movie "The Caller" but that aside, the idea of the dead reaching out and phoning home is interesting enough. I guess I just pointed out the general idea but I will elaborate. A woman is killed and calls the house of the previous boyfriend trying to talk to him but gets the new owner. She refuses to stop calling and believe that it isn't the same person. This leads to all the mystery of the calls and obviously takes a supernatural turn. Enough plot, suffice it to say, it was entertaining enough of the whys and who is stuff, just nothing that is going to surprise you. But I will warn you, the acting is awful. Not only that but the couple that is being harassed are basically stupid. Adds some humor though. Good cable flick to catch.


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