The Dead Inside

The Dead Inside

Image (2013)
Action | Horror | Science Fiction
UK | English | Color | 01:56
| 1 disc

A bad night out just got a fair bit worse, it's the end of the world! Something terrible has happened, the undead are out in force; roaming the streets and devouring all who get in their way. A group of soldiers, civilians and teenagers take shelter in a local school for protection from the undead hordes outside, but no rescue is coming. Food is running low - morale doubly so, tensions are high and things are looking bad when a stranger arrives outside the gate. Then they get a whole lot worse.

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Luke Hobson Adam Langley
Nicky Paul Barton Tom Haynes
Roger Fowler Darren Fielding
Samuel Hogarth Aidan Collins
Elizabeth Quinn Rachel Asher
James Harrison SGT James Faulkner
Simon Mathews PTE Mark Dowling
David Wayman PTE Paul Bradburn
Abby Simpson Jenny Scott
Simon Nader Wayne Andrews
Garry Jenkins Josh Harris
Ann Watson Resturant Manager
Dave Morrisby Infected Clubber
Liam Vernon Bouncer 1
Anthony Stephenson Bouncer 2
Louise Voyce Carly
Tom Eykelhof PTE Sean Bleasdale
Adam Kerr PTE Charlie Price
James Callàs Ball Lee
Luke Lovell Gooch
Lawence Juniper Neighbour
Stuart J. Prowse Gary Bushwell
Dale Stratton Tim Carter
Ken Boyter Professor Peter Kentworth
Jamie B. Chambers NYC Zombie


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My quick rating - 4,0/10. Standard zombie movie. Nothing creative or exciting. Much better out there to chose from.


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