Kill Speed

Kill Speed

Naedomi Media (2010)
USA | English | Color | 01:53
Blu-ray Xvid
| 1 disc
Region 1

KILL SPEED is a high-octane, youth oriented, TOP GUN meets FAST & FURIOUS tale about best friends who fly home-built, high-tech planes to deliver Mexican manufactured crystal meth throughout rural California in order to fund their Hollywood, rock-star lifestyle.


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My quick rating - 3,8/10. I will give this movie some points for actually using airplanes for most of the scenes and not using CGI constantly (only a few scenes were CGI and they are very obvious). But where it earns some points there, it loses all hope in a silly plot that is slightly developed by Goldbergs entire 30 seconds on screen so if you were watching this movie because you are a fan of his, don't bother for that reason. Then again, with the really bad acting and the atypical "i know I am undercover, but I really do care for you" cliche, there just isn't enough movie to actually recommend. Calling this Fast and Furious with planes is a joke, they aren't related at all. And using Top Gun as a selling point is an insult. If you are a flyboy/gal then you may like that aspect but with boring action and characters you really couldn't care less about, there is just no reason to watch this one.


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