Mad Detective

Mad Detective

Mei Ah Entertainment (2007)
Action | Crime | Foreign | Thriller
USA | Chinese | Color | 01:29
NR (Not Rated)
| 1 disc
Region 1

Bun, a schizophrenic, former police inspector comes out of retirement to help a rookie detective solve a complex murder case involving a missing colleague and a suspected policeman suffering from a multiple personality disorder.

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Ching Wan Lau Bun
Andy On Inspector Ho Ka-on
Ka Tung Lam Ko Chi-wai
Kelly Lin May Cheung
Kwok-Lun Lee Wong Kwok-chu
Choi-ning Lee Gigi
Flora Chan May Cheung - in Bun's eyes
Siu-Fai Cheung Violent Man - Ko's Inner Personality
Suet Lam Fatso - Ko's Inner Personality
Jay Lau Calculating Woman - Ko's Inner Personality
Eddy Ko The Chief
Jo Kuk Cunning Woman - Ho's Inner Personality
Ling To Yuen Policeman
Jonathan Yat-Sing Lee Weak Boy - Ho's Inner Personality
Ronald Yan Ko's Boss
Wah-Woh Wong Restaurant Manager
Apple Chau 7-11 Worker
Jackson Ha Ko's Colleague
Wai Leung Hung Ko's Inner Personality
Jeff Cheung Ko's Inner Personality
Chi-Shing Chiu Ko's Inner Personality
Jack Lai Ko's Colleague
Ching Ting Law Ko's Inner Personality
Singh Hartihan Bitto Naresh Sharma
Dhillon Jeevan Singh Naresh Sharma's inner personality


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Subtitles Cantonese | English | Mandarin Chinese
Distributor Mei Ah Entertainment


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