The Power Of The Dog

The Power Of The Dog

See-Saw Films (2021)
Drama | Romance | Western
UK | English | Color | 02:05
WEBRip Xvid
US - R
| 1 disc

A domineering but charismatic rancher wages a war of intimidation on his brother's new wife and her teen son, until long-hidden secrets come to light.


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Audio Tracks Dolby Digital 5.1 [English]
Subtitles Arabic | Chinese | Czech | Danish | English | French | German | Spanish


My quick rating - 5,5/10. Guess I'll get one more in for #Oscars2022. I know I am going against the grain here but this movie felt so "forced" to be important. And what is there important subject to touch upon? Homosexuality? That does say #Oscars2022 and not #Oscars1987. I had to pick some arbitrary year since this is NOT some new and taboo topic. This isn't because I have something against that if it were actually the point of the movie. It, just like many other points of this movie seems to be more just thrown in. Jane Campion does a great job directing this flick, most likely the highlight of the whole production. But the story is basically two brothers, one being Benedict Cumberbatch playing the more "cowboy" role of tough guy which is a stretch in how he portrays it and the other being Jesse Plemons. He is more of the educated college man married to a drunkard played by Kirsten Dunst. I am naming everyone off since nearly everyone is up for an award this year. The alpha cowboy constantly pushes his brother around and sees his wife and her awkward son Kodi Smit-McPhee as an annoyance and constantly is belittling them all. Then out of the blue this attitude changes and KSM and Cumberbatch become buddies. It is hardly explained in the slightest and just doesn't fit. For some reason, KSM is also up for supporting actor but between himself and Plemons, I really prefer the latter. KSM spends most of his time onscreen looking out of place, silent and your one clue about sexuality, caught looking at a magazine with naked men. Again, just stuck in there to point something out, no lead up to or a why? Now onto the pacing of this. At 128 minutes it is so slow, I felt as though it was 4 hours long. So little is ever going on. We don't need gunbattles and stagecoach robberies but give us literally something. Maybe some insight into the characters themselves. Why is Dunst a drunk? The scene of her failing to play piano for everyone is supposed to be some form of a sign but it is just there and moves on. They don't even touch upon her issue until later on in some ramble which again seemed thrown in. But the PC correct, oh, wait, you NOW say "woke" crowd are trying to force us to like this because it claims focusing on sexuality is artistic but to me, personally, in today, it should be more of a detriment to think that is what makes something artistic. Now, it is just society and has been for quite a long time. With all the Oscars this is nominated for, for the most part, I won't be rooting for many of them that don't involve behind the camera accolades. Maybe Plemons since his work in the first half or so was quite good until the second half where the whole thing basically fell apart. To me, this was made for one reason only, to try and win gold statues and in doing so, they all forgot to bring us an actually well-put-together movie. I know I said a lot more bad than good but when you are among the top 10 of the year, you expect to not have to make sure others know it just doesn't belong in the same category.


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