Happy Little Bunnies

Happy Little Bunnies

Rotten Park Road (2020)
Comedy | Horror
UK | English | Color | 01:38
WEBRip Xvid
| 1 disc

A psychotic, bunny-masked serial killer is on the prowl, carving up local perverts. Meanwhile, a disturbed young man's therapy session takes a dark and violent turn. Is his therapist the bunny-masked killer? From the makers of How Not To Work and Claim Benefits (& other useful information for wasters).


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My quick rating - 2,3/10. This is what happens when you think of your twist after filming 80 minutes of nonsense. You have 80 minutes, which literally has about 12 minutes of a woman eating out of a neverending bowl of food, to set up a stupid inside joke. The movie just pops around scenes of a bunny killing people, which aren't even campy or attempting to be gory, just bad. Then after all of this back and forth between a therapist and a man trying to get help for his suicidal thoughts, the director (he shamelessly panders to himself in the movie, so I am not going to do the same) has his epiphany and comes up with a twist. It was an ok play on a twist that has been used before, but after what you have gone through to get to it, you just aren't going to care. Chances are you have turned it off by the second time they cut to the chick eating for no reason for a solid 5 minutes. I think if they had less annoying characters for the two leads and the little flashbacks and lead up wasn't so dull, they may have had something here. Oh well, more room on my server.


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