Nintendo / n-Space / Aug 15, 2005

/ GC Disc / 0045496961992 / Europe
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An unseen supernatural power prowls the hallways, laboratories and chambers of a shadowy corporate compound, terrorizing living beings wherever it lurks. That unseen power is YOU! Prepare for a hauntingly innovative first-person adventure with a supernatural twist!

  • Haunt and horrify humans and animals as a ghost, possess their physical bodies and assume their identities! Possess a dog and scamper around the compound, bypassing security. Possess a guard and use his own assault rifle against your enemies! Inhabit a camera or computer and use the technology to your benefit. Exploit the unique abilities and equipment of your victims to access and explore new areas of the compound, solve puzzles and unravel your own ghostly fate!
  • Inventive multiplayer modes combine fierce first-person combat with unique character possession game play.