Leadership Jazz
Max Depree

Issue #0

Leadership Jazz

Dell (Sep 05, 1993)
| Paperback
240 pages | 132 x 201 mm | English
Dewey 303.34


  • Business & Economics / Leadership
  • Business & Economics / Motivational
  • Executive Ability
  • Leadership


Leadership in the workplace, says Max DePree, is like playing jazz; it's more an art than a science. Today's successful managers are attuned to the needs and ideas of their followers and even step aside at times to be followers themselves. As a result, they spark vitality and productivity from their work force. They culivate communication and spontaneity, diversity and creativity, and the unique potential of every person in the organization to contribute to the success of the team. In Leadership Jazz you'll learn -How to hold people accountable but still give them space to make mistakes. - How to balance the needs of your employees with those of the company. - How to inspire change and innovation and maintain a sense of stability. - How to practice the art of delegation. - How to work constructively with creative people. - How to assess candidates for senior positions. - And much more!


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