Power Man And Iron Fist, Vol. 1 #82A

Power Man and Iron Fist

Power Man And Iron Fist, Vol. 1


Secret Of The Black Tiger

Release: Jun 1982
Cover: Jun 1982
Bronze Age | Color | USA | English
Direct Edition
Comic | 32 pages | $ 0.60

Power Man tosses Iron Fist across the pit before surrendering! Princess Azir wishes to know about Abe Brown's experiences in neighboring Murtakesh, which he no longer remembers. So she'll torture him, making Power Man watch! A pair of servants intercepts Danny, and he learns from them their fears of worse oppression if Halwan and Murtakesh cannot settle their differences peaceably. Watching Azir threaten Abe is enough motivation: Luke bursts his chains and they flee! Danny, guided by servants, finds a room where they say Jeryn is, but then encounters Ninotchka! It seems she and Boris are here with a Russian ambassador, and she will not let Danny free Jeryn! Abe Brown remembers - dimly - some connection to a "Black Tiger". And catching a bullet across his forehead that knocked him cold and stole his memories! When Boris realizes invaders are killing everyone, he teams up with Luke and they eventually overcome these. Danny "dances" with Ninotchka for a time, but eventually surprises and overpowers her. But when they break in to rescue Jeryn, they discover he has negotiated a strong trade agreement sufficient to prevent Russian annexation of either state!

Creators View all

Writer Mary Jo Duffy
Cover Penciller Denys B. Cowan
Cover Inker Joe Rubinstein
Penciller Denys B. Cowan
Inker Carl Potts
Colorist Christie Scheele
Letterer Janice Chiang
Editor Dennis O'Neil
Editor in Chief Jim Shooter

Characters View all

Iron Fist Daniel 'Danny' Rand
Power Man Luke Cage
Abe Brown
Princess Azir


Owner Matt DeJonge
Genre Martial Arts | Super-Heroes
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