War Is Hell, Vol. 2 #1A

War Is Hell, Vol. 2


Swing Verboten!; War Devil

Release: Jan 23, 2019
Cover: Mar 2019
Modern Age | Color | USA | English
Regular Dan Panosian Cover
| Comic | 32 pages | $ 3.99

ALL-NEW WAR STORY! In honor of Marvel's 80th Anniversary and history with War Comics comes a brand new edition of WAR IS HELL with two fascinating and soul-crushing tales of War. "In the Mood" by Howard Chaykin takes you to the skies as the Luftwaffe and RAF battle over the English Channel for a battle tale of bitter irony and "War Glammer" by Phillip Kennedy Johnson brings you back to Earth in modern day Afghanistan with a story that will chill you to the bone. Rated T+

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Writer Howard Chaykin, Phillip Kennedy Johnson
Artist Howard Chaykin, Alberto Jiménez Alburquerque
Cover Artist Dan Panosian, Dan Panosian, Dean White
Cover Penciller Dan Panosian
Cover Colorist Dean White
Penciller Howard Chaykin, Alberto Jiménez Alburquerque
Inker Howard Chaykin, Alberto Jiménez Alburquerque
Colorist Edgar Delgado, Andres Mossa
Letterer Ken Bruzenak
Editor Kathleen Wisneski, Nick Lowe
Editor in Chief C.B. Cebulski


Owner Matt DeJonge
Genre Super-Heroes
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