Lucifer: Season 1


Lucifer: Season 1

Aggressive Mediocrity (2015)
TV Series | Drama
USA | English | Color | 09:26
4 Disk Blu-Ray
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LUCIFER stars Tom Ellis as the charming, charismatic and handsome-as-hell original fallen angel, who, bored and unhappy in Hell, takes refuge in Los Angeles, where he uses his gift of persuasion to punish bad guys. But the longer he's away from the underworld, the greater the threat that the worst of humanity could escape.

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Rachael Harris Linda Martin
D.B. Woodside Amenadiel
Lauren German Chloe Decker
Kevin Alejandro Dan Espinoza
Lesley-Ann Brandt Mazikeen
Tom Ellis Lucifer Morningstar
Scarlett Estevez Trixie Espinoza
Kevin Rankin Malcolm Graham
John Specogna Vigil attendee
Adetomiwa Edun 2 Vile
Marlo Franson Detective Marlo
Jon Buckhouse Club Patron
Lochlyn Munro Anthony Paolucci
John Pankow Jimmy Barnes
Evan Arnold Jacob Williams
Greg Collins Traffic Cop
AnnaLynne McCord Delilah
Dawn Olivieri Olivia Monroe
Matt Corboy Officer Diggs
Bailey Chase Grey Cooper
Christopher Boyer Priest
Lance Broadway Bodyguard
Kayla Ewell Amanda Bello
Tina Grimm Bridesmaid
Isaac Keys 2 Vile Crew #1

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1 Pilot 44 min | Jan 25, 2016

Lucifer has left Hell to take up a life on Earth. When a friend of his is murdered Lucifer joins forces with the good side of the law to discover who the perpetrators are and to give them what they rightfully deserve.

2 Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil. 44 min | Feb 01, 2016

When a movie star's son is killed after being chased by the paparazzi, Chloe takes a deep look into the case with a little help from Lucifer. Meanwhile, Maze and Amenadiel continue to encourage Lucifer to go back to hell.

3 The Would-Be Prince of Darkness 43 min | Feb 08, 2016

An up-and-coming quarterback calls Lucifer after finding a corpse in his pool; Lucifer asks Chloe to help investigate, which leads them into the world of big-money sports.

4 Manly Whatnots 42 min | Feb 15, 2016

Lucifer decides he's got to seduce Chloe to get over his infatuation with her. The pair team-up on a missing girl case and Amenadiel's concerns ove Lucifer h lead him to speak with Maze

5 Sweet Kicks 43 min | Feb 22, 2016

When Lucifer is attending a fashion show, a girl gets murdered. He then volunteers to help Detective Decker solve the homicide. Mazikeen goes behind Lucifer's back.

6 Favorite Son 43 min | Feb 29, 2016

A robbery gone bad leads to Lucifer and Chloe working together. Dan has an unusual encounter with Mazikeen. Chloe suspects Lucifer might be a criminal. Linda chooses to play Lucifer's game.

7 Wingman 43 min | Mar 07, 2016

Lucifer gets help from an unlikely source while trying to find the contents of his stolen container; Chloe uncovers a vital clue.

8 Et Tu, Doctor? 43 min | Mar 14, 2016

The murder of a therapist prompts Lucifer to enlist the help of Dr. Linda to search for a suspect.

9 A Priest Walks Into a Bar 42 min | Mar 21, 2016

A priest seeks out Lucifer's help when he suspects an underground drug operation has set up shop at a neighborhood youth center. Meanwhile, Malcolm manipulates a way to keep an eye on Dan.

10 Pops 44 min | Mar 28, 2016

Lucifer and Chloe suspect a restaurateur's son played a part in his death; the return of Chloe's mother sends her life into upheaval.

11 St. Lucifer 44 min | Apr 11, 2016

When philanthropist Tim Dunlear is found dead, Lucifer explores his good side by becoming a benefactor for Tim's glitzy Los Angeles charity.

12 #TeamLucifer 44 min | Apr 18, 2016

The team investigates the death of a woman whose body with "Hail Lucifer" message was found lying in a pentagram.

13 Take Me Back to Hell 43 min | Apr 25, 2016

When Lucifer is framed for murder, he and Chloe must work together to clear his name and prove the identity of the true killer.


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